Nurturing Reading Comprehension Skills with SoCreate

Lesson Plan: Nurturing Reading Comprehension Skills with SoCreate

This lesson plan introduces a dynamic approach to enhancing reading comprehension, an essential pillar of English language arts, through the use of SoCreate.

Our focus is to transform reading comprehension into an interactive, engaging experience.


By the end of the lesson, students will be able to comprehend a written script, discuss its main ideas, and create their own summary using SoCreate, thereby improving their reading comprehension skills.

Materials Needed

SoCreate software, a projector or smart board for classroom demonstration, a short, age-appropriate script.

Lesson Steps

Introduction (10 minutes):

Start the class by discussing the importance of reading comprehension and how it helps us understand and interpret what we read.

Demonstration (15 minutes):

Use SoCreate to display a short script. Read it aloud to the class and discuss the main ideas, characters, and events. Discuss the importance of understanding these elements in reading comprehension.

Activity (20 minutes):

Divide the students into small groups and assign each group a different script. Have each group read their script, discuss the main ideas, characters, and events, and create a summary of their script in SoCreate.

Presentation (15 minutes):

Ask each group to present their summary and main ideas to the class. Encourage the rest of the class to ask questions and discuss their peers' summaries.