Multiplication Through Storytelling

Lesson Plan: Multiplication Through Storytelling With SoCreate

This lesson plan steps into the fascinating intersection of math and storytelling, aiming to make abstract mathematical concepts tangible and relatable for students. By merging numbers with narratives, we're transforming potentially challenging math problems into intriguing stories, igniting students' curiosity.

The plan focuses on employing SoCreate's innovative platform to craft a narrative infused with mathematical principles.


Students will be able to grasp the concept of multiplication by engaging with a narrative where the mathematical problem becomes a part of the story.

Materials Needed

Access to SoCreate platform

Story: "Baking for the School Fair"


Introduction of the story (10 minutes): Begin by introducing students to the protagonist of our story, Sam, who loves to bake and has decided to bake cookies for the school fair.

Reading of the story (20 minutes): Open up SoCreate and read the dialogue-driven story you've crafted, pausing at the end of each significant event. Allow students to absorb the information.

Example script:

Lesson Plan: Multiplication Through Storytelling With SoCreate

Identifying the math problem (15 minutes):

After you've read through the story, ask students to identify the math problem Sam is facing. In our case, Sam needs to determine how many cookies he will end up with if each baking tray holds 12 cookies, and he plans on baking five trays.

Solving the problem (15 minutes):

Now, have the students solve Sam's dilemma. Encourage them to share their thought processes and solutions.