Exploring Geography with SoCreate

Lesson Plan: Exploring Geography With SoCreate

This lesson plan fuses social studies, geographic awareness, and SoCreate. The aim is to take students on a virtual global tour right from the classroom. Navigating continents, oceans, and landmarks, we make geography as engaging as an explorer's journey, enhancing students' understanding of our diverse world.


The aim of this lesson is to enhance students' geographic awareness and understanding of the world map through storytelling using the SoCreate platform.

Materials Required

Computer access with SoCreate, projector, world map, and basic geographic knowledge.


Two 45-minute sessions.

Session 1

Geographic Introduction:

Start the lesson with a brief discussion about geography and its importance. Discuss different continents, oceans, and some major landmarks.

SoCreate Introduction:

Introduce students to the SoCreate platform. Show them how to create a new project, add characters, dialogue, and actions.

Character Creation:

Ask students to create characters that are intrepid explorers, each hailing from a different continent.

Session 2

Scripting the Adventure:

In this session, students will use SoCreate to script a story about their explorers embarking on a world tour. The journey should include visiting different continents, crossing oceans, and discovering various landmarks. Students will describe what the explorers encountered in each of the places they visited.

Sharing and Discussion:

Once the scripts are complete, have a few students share their scripts with the class. This can lead to a discussion about different places, their geographic features, and the importance of geographic awareness. Where did their characters visit?


Assess students based on their participation in the class discussion, their understanding of geography, and the creativity and accuracy of their script.