Decoding Decimals with SoCreate

Lesson Plan: Decoding Decimals with SoCreate

This dynamic lesson plan cleverly intertwines fourth-grade math with the thrill of detective work, all facilitated by SoCreate. The aim is to solve decimal cases, creating a stimulating and fun mathematical experience in the classroom, and enhancing students' understanding of decimals in a practical and enjoyable context.


The objective of this lesson is to engage students in understanding and applying decimal operations through an immersive detective mystery crafted in SoCreate.

Materials Required

Computer with SoCreate access, projector, and a solid foundation in decimal numbers.


1 x 45-minute sessions.


Decimals Debrief:

Kick-start the lesson with a brief refresher on decimal numbers and operations, particularly focusing on addition and subtraction.

The Mystery Unveils:

Prior to class, craft a few dialogue-driven detective mysteries using SoCreate that revolve around a decimal operation. Introduce these to your students as puzzles they need to solve.

Lesson Plan: Decoding Decimals with SoCreate

Challenge and Solve:

Present the mysteries to the class and challenge them to find the solutions to the decimal problems embedded within the stories.


Students should be assessed based on their active participation, their understanding of decimal operations, and their ability to solve the mystery.