Your screenwriting companion for school.

SoCreate Screenwriting Software is the easier, affordable way to write the professional screenplay your instructors expect. With simple yet powerful tools, SoCreate grows with you on your screenwriting journey!

  • Web-based, accessible on any device, & always up to date
  • Visually immersive interface makes it fun and helps you stay motivated to write
  • Exports a perfectly formatted, industry-standard screenplay

With one click

Export a perfectly formatted industry-standard screenplay

Write like this ...
... Export to this!

Here's what our members are saying:

  • I feel more creative writing in SoCreate than other “industry-standard” software I’ve tried. This is just a totally better way to get to the same output.

  • Hey fellow students, your teachers are going to try to show you the old way of writing scripts. You can skip the sessions on formatting now :P

  • As a film student on a budget, this is a game-changer! I don’t have to download separate apps and software. I have on-demand tutorials. Everything I need is right in-browser.

Here's How You Do It:

STEP 1 - Add the location where your scenes take place.

STEP 2 - Add Action occurring at this Location. Then, create a character and give them something to say!

STEP 3 - Export your professionally formatted screenplay with one click.

Stop waiting & start writing your blockbuster screenplay today!

Student Plan

  • Image Uploading:
    Elevate your storytelling with our easy-to-use image upload feature. Add personal touches to characters' locations and action sequences by quickly uploading photos from your phone or computer, seamlessly integrating visuals into your narrative.
  • Automatic, unlimited cloud storage:
    Securely save & store all work automatically
  • Import Screenplays:
    Import Final Draft screenplay files.
  • Unlimited Characters:
    Each with 15 expression variations.
  • Action timing options:
    Automatic & manual Action timing options.
  • Drag and Drop:
    Functionality to effortlessly rearrange your story.
  • Professional Support:
    Get quick help from our team through Chat.
  • Single-click screenplay export & print:
    Single-click screenplay export & print: Automatic formatting. Export to PDF or FDX.
  • Personal Dashboard:
    Tracks all of your projects in one place.
  • Unlimited Locations:
    Day/night & indoor/outdoor sets.
  • Story Stats:
    Story stats to track screen time & dialogue, action, and story structure metrics.
  • Project Options:
    Explore various writing formats for shorts, TV shows, and movies.
  • Realtime Collaboration:
    Collaborate on your story live: instantly see each other's additions and edits in real-time. Invite as many collaborators as you'd like.
  • Web browser access:
    Work from any internet-enabled device, anywhere. No need to install software.
  • Unlimited Projects:
    Let your creativity flow.
  • Unlimited Notes:
    Foster a reflective practice.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
    Your hands will never need to leave the keyboard.
  • Additional Story Streams:
    View your stories in different ways.
  • Feedback Workflows: (Coming Soon!)
    Streamline your story development with our innovative feedback system. Easily request insights on any part of your story from anyone, SoCreate subscriber or not. Our simplified process turns script reading and feedback into an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Features that are included in all plans: