Have fun writing your next screenplay.

SoCreate Screenwriting Software offers a fun and visual way to write a movie script so you can enjoy the screenwriting process. Finally, a fresh, fun alternative to Final Draft.

Our revolutionary Screenwriting Software is the easy and fun way to visualize and write your Hollywood ready, industry-standard screenplay.

One-Click Professional Formatting.

No More Formatting Frustration.

With one click

Export a perfectly formatted traditional script.

Write like this ...
... Export to this!

Your scripts and all writing tools, available anytime, on any device.

Here’s what our members are saying

  • SoCreate is so much more manageable than a traditional script. I always know where I am. My brain works less hard on the things that don’t matter to my story. I was manually doing all this work before, and now it’s just boom, export, done.

  • Finally, a place for writing and a home for all my scripts.

  • I like that SoCreate is lightweight but powerful. It easily does everything I need it to. I tried other screenwriting software but was fussing with the tools too much.

Ready to experience the difference?

Professional Plan

  • Image Uploading:
    Elevate your storytelling with our easy-to-use image upload feature. Add personal touches to characters' locations and action sequences by quickly uploading photos from your phone or computer, seamlessly integrating visuals into your narrative.
  • Realtime Collaboration:
    Collaborate on your story live: instantly see each other's additions and edits in real-time. Invite as many collaborators as you'd like.
  • Feedback Workflows: (Coming Soon!)
    Streamline your story development with our innovative feedback system. Easily request insights on any part of your story from anyone, SoCreate subscriber or not. Our simplified process turns script reading and feedback into an enjoyable, hassle-free experience.

Features that are included in all plans: