SoCreate Screenwriting Software is Preferred by Professors, Teachers, and Students

SoCreate Screenwriting Software is the affordable student preferred screenwriting app for school and for plain old fun.

$49.99 Per Year

With SoCreate, the focus is on storytelling and not formatting. You can export a perfectly formatted industry-standard script with ONE click.

With One Click

Export a perfectly formatted industry-standard script.

Write like this ...
... Export to this!
$49.99 Per Year

SoCreate is easy to learn and fun to use. There's nothing else like it.

$49.99 Per Year

Access the software & all your scripts on any device so you can write wherever, whenever.

$49.99 Per Year

Here’s what our members are saying

  • Hey fellow students, your teachers are going to try to show you the old way of writing scripts. You can skip the sessions on formatting now :P

  • I feel more creative writing in SoCreate than other “industry-standard” software I’ve tried. This is just a totally better way to get to the same output.

  • Have you ever tried reading a screenplay on your phone, let alone working on one? It’s miserable. Now I can easily scroll through scripts and change things on the go while we’re out in the field shooting. Everyone is, literally, on the same page. PS who uses printers anymore?

Ready to experience the difference?

$49.99 Per Year

Student Plan

$49.99 Per Year
  • Automatic, unlimited cloud storage
  • Single-click export to the traditional screenplay format
  • Export to Final Draft
  • Export to PDF
  • Save to SoCreate Backup file locally
  • Seamless access on any device with a current web browser
  • Import Final Draft screenplay files
  • Personal dashboard
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited characters, each with 15 expression variations
  • Unlimited locations with day/night & indoor/outdoor sets
  • Unlimited notes
  • Automatic & manual Action timing options
  • Story stats to track screen time & dialogue, action, and story structure metrics
  • Drag and drop functionality to effortlessly rearrange your story
  • Feature, short film, and TV show project options
  • Unlimited additional Story Streams
  • Professional support