Make Your Stories Hollywood Ready

Transform your amazing story idea into Hollywood-ready professional movie or TV scripts with SoCreate Screenwriting Software. No experience required.

With one click

Export a perfectly formatted industry-standard screenplay

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Here's How You Do It:

STEP 1 - Add the location where your scenes take place

STEP 2 - Add Action that is occurring at this Location. Then, create a character and give them something to say

STEP 3 - Export your professionally formatted screenplay

Here's what our members are saying

  • I like that SoCreate is lightweight but powerful. It easily does everything I need it to. I tried other screenwriting software but was fussing with the tools too much.

  • I feel excited to write. SoCreate, you’ve made screenwriting so simple!

  • I’ve been trying my hand at screenwriting but I was totally overwhelmed. SoCreate made the process feel creative and productive.

Professional Plan

  • Image Uploading:
    Upload your own images from your phone or computer to use for characters, action, and locations.
  • Realtime Collaboration:
    Collaborate on your story with an unlimited number of Professional Plan members to work together and see edits in real-time.
  • Feedback Feature:
    Request feedback from anyone. Our Feedback feature makes it easier, more enjoyable, and more insightful. With reviewer stats, never wonder if someone read your story again!
  • Unlimited Projects:
    Let your creativity flow.
  • Import Screenplays:
    Import Final Draft screenplay projects.
  • Export Final Draft Projects:
    Export your SoCreate story to a Final Draft file type or PDF.
  • Enhanced Imagery:
    Realistic & Doodle location images, plus character images with 15 expression variations. Silhouette image gallery.

Features that are included in all plans:

  • Single-click screenplay export & print:
    Automatic formatting. Export to PDF.
  • Personal Dashboard:
    Tracks all of your projects in one place.
  • Story stats:
    Story stats to track screen time & dialogue, action, and story structure metrics.
  • Project options:
    Explore various writing formats for shorts, TV shows, and movies.
  • Automatic, unlimited cloud storage:
    Securely save & store your work automatically.
  • Web browser access:
    Work from any internet-enabled device, anywhere. No need to install software.
  • One project:
    Write your masterpiece!
  • Unlimited Notes:
    Foster a reflective practice.
  • Keyboard Shortcuts:
    Your hands will never need to leave the keyboard.
  • Additional Story Streams:
    View your stories in different ways.
  • Doodle imagery:
    Cartoon-like images to build your story world!
  • Action timing options:
    Automatic & manual Action timing options.
  • Drag and drop:
    Functionality to effortlessly rearrange your story.
  • Professional support:
    Get quick help from our team through Chat