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How Does SoCreate Work?

Easily transform your amazing ideas into TV and movie scripts!

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Export a perfectly formatted traditional script.

From this An illustration of a screenplay written in a SoCreate story stream
to this! An illustration of a screenplay written in a more traditional legacy format

Let’s Jump Right In

  • No Blank Pages

    With SoCreate, never stare at a blank page again. The writing journey begins by simply choosing your story type and starting location.
  • Got a Great Idea?

    Anyone with a story idea can write a screenplay; no prior formatting knowledge required.
  • Anyone Can Write!

    Easy enough for a child, but powerful enough for a professional.

Characters You Can See

Visual Characters

Put a face to a character by choosing from thousands of images.

Search Intuitively

Filter character images by type, age, and attributes.

Stay Organized

Easily track your story’s characters in your story toolbar.

Express Yourself

Watch character expressions change as dialogue direction is added.

Tag Characters

Tag characters in Dialogue and Action Stream Items with ‘@’ to allow readers to hover over a character name for character details.

Immersive Locations

Visual Locations

Be immersed in every scene by choosing images for locations.

Search Naturally

Filter locations by collections, time of day, and attributes.

Enhance with Description

Add descriptive location text.

Day or Night

See location images change based on time of day indicated.

Inside or Outside

Matching image sets allow for indoor or outdoor location options.

Stay on Location

Location images stay pinned to the top of each scene, so you’re always writing in the scene where your story takes place.

Tag Locations

Tag locations in Dialogue and Action Stream Items with ‘@’ to allow readers to hover over a location name for details.

Frustrations Solved

Easily Reorganize

Drag and Drop any Story Stream Item anywhere in the story using drag handles; no reformatting required.

Take Notes

Use the Notes tool to make inline notes in Dialogue, Action, and Locations that are easily discernable from story text and easy to delete once addressed.

Set Timing

Choose Manual or Automatic Timing for Action Stream Items to indicate how long the action should take in screen time.

Work Quickly

Simple Keyboard Shortcuts, so fingers never have to leave the keyboard (SoCreate and Final Draft Shortcuts available).

Two Places at Once

Side-by-Side Story Streams to compare different parts of a story at one time.

Your Data

Quickly see Story Stats on screen time, scene count, and more.

What’s Old is New is Old Again


Easily import past or in-progress screenplays from legacy software like Final Draft. Then choose how characters should be represented, and watch traditional screenplays come alive in SoCreate!

...And Export

With one magic click, preview or export SoCreate stories as traditionally formatted screenplays.

Different Ways to Work

Outline First

  • Scaffold Your Story

    Begin by adding story structure to the Story Stream, like acts, scenes, and sequences.
  • Add Notes

    The Notes tool to helps writers outline a story, like a writing roadmap.
  • Stay in Context

    Story structure stays pinned at the top of the Story Stream, indicating which scene is in progress.

Or Don't...

  • Dive In

    Jump right into storytelling without any story structure in place, and choose to add it later.
  • Write Your Story!

    Add characters and locations from the Tools Toolbar to get started.

Write Anytime, Anywhere

Whenever Inspiration Strikes

Access SoCreate anytime from any desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

On Whatever Device

With a seamless workflow between devices, pick up writing exactly where you left off.

One Place to Keep Track of It All

Home Sweet Home

Manage all completed and in-progress stories in the SoCreate Dashboard.

Your Stories

Easily view story title and character snapshots.

Build Your Skills

Find new helpful hints, how-to videos, and educational, inspirational blogs each day.