Media Production Specialist

SoCreate is seeking a media production specialist to join its Outreach Team. The Media Production Specialist helps plan and execute the production of video, photo, and graphics content for SoCreate’s outreach channels, marketing efforts, and internal and investor relations.

Soft Skills

These values drive us:

  • Always put the writer first

  • Keep it simple

  • Be deliberate

  • Focus on the details

  • Work hard, be smart, and do what's right

  • Remember, there is always another way


  • You are hyper-focused to serve our customers.

  • You demonstrate a commitment to serving our Team no matter what. You respect, take care of, and work to elevate your teammates.

  • You are actively looking out for the company's best interests. You show pride and ownership in everything we do. You work hard, make smart choices, and always do what is right.

  • You are self-driven and look for ways to contribute. You are the type of person that gets stuff done (GSD) and efficiently produces large amounts of high-quality work.

  • You focus on the details, and you have an extremely meticulous quality-first approach to everything. 

  • You are extremely organized. You name and group things in the standard company conventions.

  • You keep it simple. You do not overcomplicate things.

  • You are deliberate. You work on the things that matter.

  • You are excited to solve hard problems. You show stamina, endurance, and an unrelenting determination to iterate until we have achieved the best possible solution.

  • You demonstrate the ability to go deep and then zoom out to consider the overall impact and long-term effects of our decisions.

  • You immediately sound the alarm when blocked or if there is an issue.

  • You follow and implement directions and processes provided by your leader(s).

  • You identify and speak up with process and workflow improvement ideas.

  • You exhibit strong verbal and written communication -  You clearly and concisely explain complex issues, trade-offs, potential solutions, and time estimates.  You also provide clear status updates

  • You are ready to present, explain, or respond positively to questions about your work with often little or no notice. 

  • You accept and generate feedback to ensure excellence.

  • You take pride in your work AND are willing to let go of whether your versions are incorporated or not. You want what is best for our customers and the company.

  • You are easy and pleasant to work with. When collaborating, you are willing to voice your position. If your position is not selected as the way to proceed, you embrace the chosen direction and promote it as if it was your own while keeping the SoCreate extreme quality standards every step of the way.

  • Inside and outside work, you are dedicated to continuous learning of modern technologies and your craft.

  • You possess an "all-hands on deck" attitude and a willingness to help the Team do whatever it takes to help move the company forward, even if it's outside of your job description.

Here's what you WON'T find at SoCreate:

  • Slackers 😊

  • Sloppy work

  • Egos or politics

  • Outdated ANYTHING

  • Lack of time for professional development

Technical Skills

Media Production Specialist Qualifications:

  • 3+ years’ experience in a media production role

Solid Working Knowledge Of:

  • Adobe Illustrator

  • Adobe Photoshop

Preferred Working Knowledge Of:

  • Adobe Animate

  • Adobe Lightroom

  • Adobe After Effects

  • Blackmagic Design Products

  • Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve

  • Blackmagic Fusion

  • Production setup and operation (sound, lighting, backdrops, etc.)

  • Camera operation and hardware (still and motion picture)

  • Audio & video recording and editing

Bonus If You Have Experience In:

  • Jira Project Management Software

  • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft OneNote

  • Livestream production

  • Podcast production

  • Video production

  • Film, screenwriting, or another creative field

Your Traits:

  • You are technically versed in using your work tools to their fullest. You stay up to date on emerging tools and how to use them.

  • You quickly understand the requirements and, if not possible, know how to ask the right questions and work through them until you have a firm grasp.

  • You demonstrate outstanding project management skills.

  • You have excellent time management skills and work extended periods by yourself, stay motivated and undistracted

  • You log your time and your projects accurately and in real-time

  • You manage media files and elements on the SoCreate server with precision to maintain organization and proper labeling. Anyone on the Team can find your work without assistance.

Core Responsibilities:

The media production specialist is responsible for ideating and producing daily photo, video, and graphics content for Outreach channels, producing SoCreate Software materials, and producing specific pieces for internal and recruiting efforts.

Job Tasks Will Include But Are Not Limited To:

  • Produce daily content pieces (videos, static or animated graphics or images) of timely and relevant media content for use on SoCreate’s owned channels, consistent with brand standards and brand voice.

    • Develop production design, shoot and edit videos of various lengths, topics, and formats
    • Prepare for and conduct screenwriter interviews during video shoot when director is unavailable
    • Photograph and edit imagery
    • Design static and animated graphics for blog posts and social media sites
  • Produce SoCreate Platform-specific media pieces, including but not limited to illustrated or animated how-to guides, pitch videos and decks, FAQs, and advertisements, in coordination with the Outreach team and director.

  • Produce internal and recruiting-specific pieces of content as needed, including but not limited to staff presentation videos, staff photos, and office photos and videos.

  • Shoot video of SoCreate happenings for use in future SoCreate documentary.

  • Transport, set up, operate, tear down, and pre- and post-inventory all equipment necessary for a SoCreate video or photo shoot (both on-site and off-site).

  • Maintain all equipment in excellent, working order including but not limited to cameras, lighting, stage, computers, etc. (this may include developing guides or instruction manuals for proper equipment use).

  • Manage media files and elements on SoCreate server to maintain organization and proper labeling.

  • Keep up with SoCreate’s outreach needs by understanding the current outreach plan, audience targets, and messaging.

  • Develop content suggestions and ideas in coordination with Outreach Team and director.

  • Stay current on production technology and equipment trends and advancements.

Apply Today

This position offers a competitive salary, health benefits, paid time off, and a flexible schedule. To apply, please send resumes to

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