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Posted on by Alli Unger

Help Us Welcome Our New Team Member, Lauren Spence!

Lauren Spence

Ladies and gentlemen, readers and writers: Please help us welcome our newest team member, designer Lauren Spence!

Lauren was born and raised in Cupertino, CA. She spent the first 18 years of her life in the Bay Area before an acceptance letter to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo brought her down to the Central Coast. After starting out as an English major, Lauren discovered her true passion for graphic design in an introductory Graphic Communication course. After the class' tour of the Cal Poly Shakespeare Press Museum, Lauren fell in love with letterpress and the hands-on nature of the major's curriculum. After some thinking, but probably not too much convincing, she made the decision to switch her major from English to Graphic Communication (GRC), and instead just minored in English. 

During her time at Cal Poly, Lauren was extremely involved in the campus GRC happenings. Soon after officially changing her major, Lauren accepted what she describes as her "first real job" as an assistant at The Graphic Communication Institute (or GRCI). While working at the GRCI, she gained valuable experience building websites, creating programs, and developing her HTML knowledge. Towards the beginning of her 4th year, Lauren also started working as an intern at Cal Poly University Graphic Systems. As an intern at UGS, she had the opportunity to run the university's web offset press, which is responsible for printing the campus-wide newspaper, the Mustang Daily (now known as Mustang News). 

Following in line with her original captivation by the letterpress museum, Lauren also spent the last two years of her time at Cal Poly serving as the President for one of the three Cal Poly Graphic Communication clubs, "The Shakespeare Press Museum Club." As president, Lauren spent her time sharing her love for letterpress by training others on the art of letterpress printing. 

Lauren graduated from Cal Poly in 2013 with a job already lined up with the online marketing firm, Rosetta (now known as SapientRazorfish), in San Luis Obispo. While at Rosetta, Lauren worked as a front-end web developer, creating websites, web pages, and HTML emails for a variety of large-scale commercial websites. After working with Rosetta for a little over four years and growing from an associate developer to a senior developer, Lauren made her next career move and joined our design team here at SoCreate. 

We are so excited to have Lauren and all of her great web development experience on our team! When asked what SHE is most excited about, Lauren said that she is really looking forward to being part of a team where everyone believes so strongly in what we are building--to be part of a smaller company with great communication that is creating something that can really make a difference for writers all over the world. 

When she is not developing awesome web pages, Lauren also enjoys sewing and reading "a lot" of Sci-Fi and mystery novels. She is also very involved in her church communities and loves spending time with her husband, cat, and dog. 

Welcome to the team, Lauren! 

Until next time, readers. 

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