Every so often, we here at SoCreate have a company "movie day". The whole team heads out of the office early one afternoon and hits up a local theater to catch a flick. This happens at various times throughout the year, usually once a month...until Oscar season hits its stride. That's when things get serious around here.

You see, we run this annual contest, The SoCreate Oscars Challenge. And to get ready for that this year, we decided to leverage our "movie day" to make a run at seeing all of the 2016 best picture nominees. Of the eight pictures, we were able to see seven of them as a team.

The one exception being Mad Max: Fury Road which came out prior to our Oscar run. However, most of the team had already seen it because, well...it was epic and needed to be seen.

The great thing about our journey to see all these amazing pictures was it took us to some cool theaters here on the Central Coast of California.

We sat on the edge of our seats in suspense for Bridge of Spies at the single screen Fair Oaks Theatre in Arroyo Grande. We sailed back in time for Brooklyn at the historic Palm Theatre in San Luis Obispo. The Big Short had us laughing and thinking and Spotlight had us captivated as we sat in full-on leather recliners at the recently renovated Downtown Centre 7 in San Luis Obispo. We rationed our popcorn during The Martin and found ways to tough it out through the freezing cold (air conditioning) during The Revenant as we watched two gripping tales of survival at Regal Cinemas in Arroyo Grande. And we shed tears over Room at Park Cinemas in downtown Paso Robles.

Not only were these all great works of cinema, the writing was amazing. The characters and their stories, the running conflict and suspense that beat through every scene, the rewarding endings. They had it all. It's so cool that all of these great stories can be told through this medium and the power that a screenplay can carry. So kudos to not only the writers of these pictures, but writers of all screenplays, that share their stories with us and take us on these journeys!

Keep writing and we'll keep watching (and reading)!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist