The SoTeam was back at it again this year with it's annual SoCreate Oscars Challenge, with everyone vying for a shot at taking home The Couto and a cool $250. And after last year's contest that saw the team hitting the Internet to help aid in their picks, the rules this year eliminated that from the mix. Instead, everyone was hit with a surprise meeting, handed a ballot, and asked to fill it out in our conference room with phones tucked away and laptops left in offices. But to offset this potentially "harsh" rule change, the company treated the entire team to a run of "movie days" to see all of the Best Picture nominees for the 88th Academy Awards. Needless to say, everyone was good with this deal!

And The Couto Goes To…

 This year we crowned a new winner, but it took a "director's cut" to do so. We had a tie between Rich McCluskey (@rich_code) and Justin Schwartzenberger (@schwarty), both with a score of 11. So, we had to go to the extended edition of the Oscars Challenge to determine a winner. Armed with some randomly selected online movie quiz site, we fired three questions at both. Don Schwarty won that...but...the questions seemed kind of weak. So, we did another round. Don Schwarty found a way to win that one as well, and he was eventually crowned the Oscars Challenge victor.

The Scorecard

On to Next Year

With our second annual SoCreate Oscars Challenge in the can, the team is looking forward to next year. But it's hard to say, are they waiting in anticipation for the thrill of the competition or are they eager to hit the theaters again as a team and see a run of great films? Probably a "popcorn" handful of both!

To the Oscars!

Justin Couto
Founder & CEO