Around 300 writer's assistants gathered in Los Angeles at the Bugatta Supper Club on November 10th, 2015 for the Fall Writer's Assistant Mixer, sponsored by SoCreate. This marks the third time this year that SoCreate had the opportunity to help out a hard working writer who is not only putting in time to make their own career take off, but also contributing graciously to assisting others on the same journey.

Brandon Tanori, who currently works as a Writers PA on the television series Elementary, puts on a Writer's Assistant Mixer biannually down in Los Angeles, California. This event is exclusive to writer's assistants, providing them with an evening of networking with their peers over drinks in a socially relaxed setting. Hosted at Bugatta, writers roll (or Uber) in, slap on a name tag that has the show they work on, grab a drink and get right to talking with others.

In case you haven't heard, the writing game in Hollywood is all about who you know and who remembers you. So Brandon set out to provide a way to forge these relationships early on for new writers, and as writers get to know somebody then all the members in the group will end up knowing somebody who knows somebody. Brilliant! And, of course, it doesn't take much to sweet talk us into helping out writers in their plight to make it. So when we connected with Brandon and got the opportunity to provide support in his mission, we jumped into action.

For the second time this year, SoCreate sponsored the mixer. We covered the venue and provided an open bar for the first few hours of the event. Oh, and there were banners appropriately positioned...

It's pretty amazing to be at this mixer and see how great these up and coming writers are at networking and talking shop. They waste no time at all going up to one another and striking up a conversation over what shows they work on, what they are writing on the side and where they would like to take their writing careers. We were fortunate enough to be able to chat with a ton of writers and hear some great personal journey stories and learn of various different goals they have laid out for themselves. Their passion for what they do and their drive to share the stories in their head are huge motivations to our mission for providing the best possible software solution to help get them there.

During this last mixer, Brandon announced the Writer's Assistants Group, a new selective workshop group for writer's assistants that operates in partnership with agencies, management companies, and other entities which are interested in cultivating new literary talent. It's no surprise that Brandon is embarking upon yet another venture to help out fellow writers, something that seems to be baked into his DNA! We couldn't be happier about our relationship with Brandon and greatly enjoy helping him in his cause.

 So, cheers to this enthusiastic group of creators that is out there moving and shaking to make things happen. We look forward to raising a glass at the mixer again next year to salute Brandon for his dedication and support and to salute everyone on their future success.

Write on!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist