Last week, our SoCreate team had the opportunity to sponsor the 2017 Fall Writers Assistants Mixer on Wednesday, November 1. 

This Fall's event marks the 5th mixer that we have had the pleasure of putting on with screenwriter, Brandon Tanori, and the Writers Assistants Network (WAN). If this is your first time hearing about Brandon or the Writers Assistants Network, be sure to check out our last two blog posts for more info!

As the event sponsor, we cover the cost of the venue and provide complimentary drinks for attending writers that sign up for our Private Beta. A true win-win! We are able to grow our SoCreate community, and the hardworking screenwriters who attend are able to kick back and enjoy the event for free. 

Some of our SoCreate team and our documentary film crew hit the road Wednesday morning to head down to Hollywood for the event. A few hours and a couple hundred miles later, we arrived at the St. Felix Hollywood, the event venue, to start setting up for the mixer. Our sponsorship of the event also allows us to hang banners all around the bar and set up a photo backdrop promoting SoCreate! The writers couldn't miss our bright green logo or red carpet walk-and-pose setup even if they wanted to. The bar was SoCreate'd out!

At 7pm, the doors to St. Felix closed to the general public and opened to writers as they started arriving for the event. In no time at all, the venue started to fill with writers assistants and production assistants from a variety of shows, all eager to meet, visit, and network with each other. From Netflix's Stranger Things to CBS' Elementary, from drama to comedy, you can bet that if a show is written out of LA, someone from that show was at the mixer! 

It was amazing to watch as writers jumped from table to table, talking with different people about what they do and what show they work on. Amongst all of the networking chatter, our team had the chance to sneak in a few interviews with some of the attendees about their journeys as writers. Keep an eye on our future blog posts for some highlights from the footage.

We are always SO proud to be a part of these events! Our mission as a company is to provide the best for writers - whether it be with our software or just by being there to support them at events like this - and these mixers allow us to do exactly that. A Hollywood career in the entertainment industry can be very thankless and unforgiving, so it really means a lot to us to give back to the hardworking writers that keep the show running - literally! 

Once again, we tip our hats to Brandon and the Writers Assistants Network for putting together such a great networking event. It is always a pleasure to work with you, and we truly look forward to doing it all over again at the 2018 Spring Mixer.

For more information on the upcoming mixers and WAN events, please visit their website or send them an email at!

Happy Writing!