The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLOIFF) had their 22nd annual event showcasing contemporary and classic film screenings as well as multiple events at a variety of venues along the Central Coast of California during a 6-day period of March 15th - 20th, 2016. This is a pretty special event for us, as it's a celebration of cinema held in our own backyard. We always planned on finding ways to support this event once we started our SoCreate journey. This year we were able to make that happen by becoming a Directors level sponsor.

The festival runs screenings of everything from cinema classics to cutting edge documentaries and premieres of independent films. The mission statement for the SLOIFF is a strong one:

To entertain, educate and inspire film-goers and filmmakers. Movies Matter!

We couldn't agree more! But for us, we take it one step further.

Writers of Movies Matter!

And when it comes to the independent film scene, the filmmakers and the writers are one in the same. So these filmmakers that bring their works to this festival and make themselves available and accessible...they're writers. And nothing gets us more excited than the opportunity to support writers!

Our team got a chance to experience the festival as well. We received a bunch of badges that we passed around the office for our team to use.

Justin Couto (@JustinCouto), Rosa Couto and I attended the opening night party tent event...

And later that night the three of us along with Amber Black (@blaaaat) watched a hands-down amazing performance by Markus Horn as he played his original piano score along side a screening of the 1922 classic Nosferatu.Justin and Rosa attended the profoundly inspiring Lives Well Lived documentary screened at The Fremont in downtown San Luis Obispo, California.

And SoCreate revved up another company "movie day" to take everyone to see Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, a relevant documentary on the state of the gender imbalance of women in the tech industry.

I relished in the opportunity to take my daughter to a session on "Action for Directors" by Ryan Gray (@UrbanWarrior_1), where we sat in the front row and learned in vast detail the ways to shoot action scenes and bring them to life with Foley and visual effects.

Mixed in with all of this, we got the opportunity to craft a teaser trailer for our company that was played on the big screen before each film screening across the Central Coast. And when we saw our logo bust out of the screen, it was pretty special. Next up, having our platform bust onto the scene, because...

Writers of Movies Matter!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist