Welcome back, readers! As you may remember from our last blog post, things are really heating up here at SoCreate. The future of screenwriting is on its way! In today's blog, we will continue introducing of our 5 awesome new team members. 

Without further ado...Readers, please give a warm welcome to one of our three new software engineers, Eric Broberg. Eric was born and raised just down the 101 freeway from our SoCreate headquarters, in Santa Barbara, CA. From one beach town to the next, Eric moved up the coast for college and graduated from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in Community Studies.

After graduation, he packed up his knowledge, adventurous spirit, and love for travel and headed to Chile, where he taught English for a year while also learning the native language, Spanish. After returning from his time in Chile, Eric moved north and worked various landscaping jobs in the Bay Area. But, like they always say, "Once the travel bug bites, there is no known antidote," and after a few years in the Bay, Eric decided to join the Peace Corps. Next stop--the Dominican Republic--where he spent 2 years practicing landscaping, sustainable farming, and his recently gained fluency in Spanish. 

Upon his return from our neighbors to the south, Eric moved to San Luis Obispo, CA where, despite his plans to pursue sustainable farming on his family's land, he decided to reignite his high school passion for computer science. Eric quickly joined CodeSLO, a local meetup group for learning to code, and remotely attended Hack Reactor, an intensive software engineering boot camp headquartered in San Francisco. With his newly polished skills, Eric landed a job at Williams Sonoma doing software development where he worked for a year. 

Eric first learned about SoCreate through our sponsorship of some of CodeSLO's events. It seemed to be the perfect fit for his desire to work on something really cutting edge, and he is very excited to be part of the groundbreaking SoCreate project from the ground up. 

When he is not coding, Eric also enjoys growing subtropical, rare fruits, playing soccer, and fulfilling his inner traveler and foodie sides on the Central Coast with his wife, 10-month-old daughter, and 3lb. chihuahua, Maximus. 

Welcome, Eric! We are SO excited to have you on our team. 

That's all for now--until next time! 


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