SoCreate is extremely excited and proud to announce the release of Playground for Angular, v2! Revamped and ready to rock!

Just five months after the launch of our original open-source Playground for Angular application in May, we have released an updated version of the sandbox tool that features an improved user interface, updated documentation, and even better performance. 

Are you a developer? Do you build applications with Angular? Are you using Playground for Angular? If you're not, then you definitely should!

What Is Playground for Angular? 

If you are not familiar with our sandbox application, Playground for Angular is an open-source tool that was created by our team here at SoCreate that allows developers to build and work components in isolation independent of a full application. 

Why Should I Add Playground for Angular to My Developer Toolbox? 
  • Store and Quickly Access Your Components in ANY State. 
    • Stage your components with different inputs/outputs, data, mark-ups and styles, and then access each state effortlessly the next time you need to work on it. 
  • Build and Edit Your Individual Components in Isolation.
    • Work on specific components of your application without having to load the entire application. 
  • Easily Document All Of Your Components.
    • Embed staged components within your documentation, whether it's an external style guide, a visual component library, or an entire design system. Each change to a component will be instantly reflected in your documentation.
  • WHY NOT? 
    • Playground for Angular can greatly increase your productivity and improve your workflow. The application is easy to set-up, so WHY NOT give it a try? 
How Has Playground for Angular Improved Day-to-Day Tasks for SoCreate Developers? 

Since the release of the original version of Playground for Angular, our developer team's productivity has greatly increased! Before this post, I had the chance to sit down and chat with 3 of our SoCreate team members about how they use  Playground for Angular and how it has changed the way that they work. 

Graham Marlow (Software Engineer):

Since joining the SoCreate team in July, our software engineer, Graham Marlow, has been very involved in the Playground V2 updates. When developing an app, Graham prefers to model each component individually with Playground before combining them all into the full application. This allows him to easily build and test components before moving on to the next - ensuring the overall success of the final application. By adding Playground to his workflow, he has been able to greatly increase his productivity! (P.S. Keep an eye on Graham's personal blog for some tips on Angular and an upcoming technical blog post on using Playground).

Brian Treese (Chief Designer):

Our chief designer, Brian Treese, who has been working on Playground since the beginning, mentioned that the new updates to the load and refresh times have made a significant difference in his productivity levels. The automatic background refresh eliminates multiple seconds of refresh time which makes quite an impact over the course of a day!

Jami Lurock (Chief Engineer):

Our chief engineer, Jami Lurock, has also been working on Playground since the beginning. Since the release of the original version, Jami said that Playground has completely changed his workflow for the better. While before he used to have to wait for the environment to be set up (which can often take a long time), with Playground for Angular, he is now able to immediately open the application and start working on a project. It's a much faster way of getting started and making some great progress on your app!

What's New in V2 That I Didn't Have in V1?

Some things that you will find in Version 2 that were not available in Version 1 are: 

  • An updated user interface.
    • Our menu UI got a total make-over. It's now much easier to see and find what you need. 
    • Our search has improved for finding components. The new search prioritizes your result set rather than alphabetizing it, making it easier to quickly locate a component. 
    • The new Sandbox Quick Toggle tool allows you to easily flip between scenarios. Holding ALT hides the search menu, allowing you to quickly cycle through each scenario.
  • Faster load times.
    • Unlike the original, version 2 does individual packaging of components rather than all components from the application.
    • The new version will micro-bundle each sandbox individually so refresh times are reduced.
  • Better documentation. 
    • The updated Playground documentation should help you get up and running even faster.
    • The "How To" section on our home page is equipped with some great tips for navigating and developing in the Playground. 

So, if you are a developer using Angular and are looking to improve your productivity, you should definitely check out Playground for Angular, v2!

Here at SoCreate, it is our mission to provide the best tools possible for all the communities that we care about and are involved in - whether it be our SoCreate platform writers' community or our Playground's developer community. We are SO excited to provide you with this awesome tool!

A huge thank you to our team for all of the hard work that they put in every day to make Playground the absolute best it can be. 

Get your code on!