It's Monday, which means it's the start of another very exciting week here at SoCreate! Be sure to keep an eye on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter for all of the latest and greatest company news. 

Next up for our new team member introductions is our new software engineer, Graham Marlow. Let's give a big SoCreate welcome to Graham!

Graham grew up locally in San Luis Obispo, CA, just minutes away from where our SoCreate office is today. After finishing high school here, he made the 95-mile trek down the coast to study Statistics at UC Santa Barbara. Towards the end of his Statistic studies and time in Santa Barbara, Graham began to recognize his growing interest in programming, but also realized that it was a bit late in the game to so drastically shift gears--especially if he still wanted to graduate on time. Instead of completely changing his course, he decided to finish things out with his Statistics degree while also adding as many coding classes as possible to his schedule. His passion for programming would have to wait just a bit longer to be fully explored after graduation. With a lot of hard work and many hours spent, Graham was able to gain some valuable experience in each of the classes he could add on before wrapping up his college years at UCSB. 

Post-degree, Graham made it back up to San Luis Obispo where he landed a great job as the sole software engineer at a small energy company in town. After a year there, he decided it was time for something new and moved to a manufacturing company, where he continued to perfect his skills as a software engineer for another year before finding his next stop--here with us at SoCreate!

Graham is excited to join the SoCreate team and to be working on a project that is so creative and channels his own passions for creative writing. When he is not programming, Graham enjoys writing, game development, hiking, camping, and rock climbing. His love for the outdoors and adventures in climbing have taken him to some of California's most beautiful climbing locations, including Joshua Tree and Bishop.

SoCreate is SoHappy to welcome Graham to the team!

Check back in on Thursday to read about our next new team member.

Until then!