Happy Thursday to all of our great followers! In case you missed our last few blog posts, we are just over halfway through introducing our 5 new SoCreate team members to our blog community. 

Today, we are highlighting our new intern, Sam Solis Ramirez. Welcome aboard, Sam! Sam will be helping us with the filming of our company documentary. Oh yes, you read that right, a documentary all about SoCreate--showcasing our journey as a startup and our awesome team working hard to bring you the best screenwriting experience possible. Sam's passions for film along with his engineering background make him the perfect fit for this position. 

Sam was born in León, Mexico, and lived there until he was three years old. At the age of three, his family moved to Guadalupe, CA, located just about 30 minutes south of San Luis Obispo. Sam spent many of his elementary school years split between the United States and Mexico (often studying in one country for the first half of the year and in the other for the second half) before spending all 4 full years of high school in the United States. 

After graduating from high school, Sam moved to Mexico to work. However, after a year, he returned to the Central Coast--allowing his experiences in both countries help guide his ultimate goals for the future. Upon his return, he decided to begin following his multiple creative interests at a local community college--studying music, film, and even dance! During his time at the community college, he also began taking math courses and found that he was really enjoying the material--and was really good at it too! After pursuing a recommendation from one of his professors to investigate engineering, Sam accepted an offer to study Mechanical Engineering at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo where he still studies now. Although his major is in engineering, Sam still considers film to be one of his most passionate hobbies. 

Because of his background and interests in film, Sam is extremely excited to be a part of the SoCreate team and the building of something that can make such a huge impact on the industry. 

Outside of work, Sam considers himself to be what he explains as an "experimental guinea pig for self-improvement." A few of the new self-improvement trends that he has been testing out recently include fasting for 16 hours a day and taking ice baths 3 times a week. Brrr! 

Please join us in welcoming Sam to our SoCreate team! 

Cheers to you, writers. 


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