Summer Fitness Challenge - Day 50

Today is day 50 of the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge!  This marks the halfway point for those that are still grinding it out.  Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve done many fitness challenges over the years and I must say, this one is a bit more grueling than the rest.  It will be a true test to make it to the end.  Only 50 more days to go.

Today, I’d like to congratulate everyone that stepped up to the challenge even if they are no longer in the running.  To step up to a challenge like this, to put yourself out there, to commit to the unknown, takes courage.  Just to say, “Yes!  I will give this a shot!” in itself is an accomplishment.    The goal of the challenge is to get people moving and possibly pushing themselves in ways they hadn’t before.  At SoCreate over two thirds of our team are still cranking it out each and every day.  The fact that we are in vacation season and people aren’t giving up even when they are away from the office is totally awesome.  This level of commitment ensures that the mission of the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge is landing nothing but gold medals.   I know this challenge is pushing me in new ways and I am really loving it.  Each morning as the sweat drips off my face and I begin to question whether or not I will make it to day 100, I think of all you and I somehow get through it.  Checking off another workout fuels my drive and gets me motivated for the day ahead.  I am starting to feel like I am getting in better shape and I’ve even lost 5lbs.  As the days roll on and the intensity increases, I am sure this trend will continue which I am excited about.

If you would like to see what the workout we are doing today looks like click here:
SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge 2016 Workout

Only 50 days left!  Let’s keep it going!  Give us a shout out if you are still in it using the hashtag #SoCreateSFC.  We love hearing from you all.

Thanks again for stepping up!  I can’t wait to cross the finish line with you!