Attending the 2016 Angular 2 Release Announcement

Justin Schwartzenberger

One of the benefits we have of being located on the central coast of California is being within a few hours from Hollywood and Los Angeles. Another is being the same distance away from Silicon Valley. Which means the SoCreate team can easily make the trip in either direction to attend whatever event is going down. On Wednesday, September 14th 2016 that event was the long-awaited announcement of the release of the final version of Angular 2.0, a JavaScript platform developed by Google for building client applications. 

Since Angular is the framework that powers the software platform that we are building, we found it fitting that the majority of our team should hop in a rental van on Wednesday afternoon and make the trek up to Mountain View, California to attend the Angular meetup special event at one of the Google offices.

We headed out early enough to avoid traffic (even though most of the traffic is heading out of Mountain View in the late afternoon as opposed to in) and met up with a friend for dinner at Paul Martin's American Grill. Our reservations were at 4:30pm and we pulled into the lot at 4:35pm. Our anxiety of being late was short lived though as we walked into the place and saw it completely empty. Naturally, we started to question the quality of the place and if we had chosen poorly. But as 5:00pm rolled around the place started to fill up and our meals turned out to be quite satisfying.

With food in our bellies, we were ready to hit the meetup and hopefully hear the announcement that we (and most of the universe) was expecting to hear...that Angular 2.0 had finally gone "final".

In software development, and especially when developing software that is used by others to develop more software, there are release cycle phases designed to get that software out to users as the software is in the process of being developed.

These release cycles typically include:

  • An alpha stage where the code is raw and in flux but can be experienced for the first time
  • A beta stage where the code starts to get a bit more stable but there are still breaking changes to how it works as features and bugs are ironed out
  • A release candidate stage where the usage of the software is stable and only bug fixes and last minute features are being worked
  • A final release stage where the software is considered ready for prime time use and all future changes will be bug fixes or any new features not yet thought of

The meeting kicked off with the Angular team up at the front of the room, a net full of balloons above their heads, and within a few minutes the announcement of final was made and the balloons were released. 

 We decided early on that Angular was a good fit for the stuff that we build and it's important that we not only have a deep understanding of the code we choose to build upon but also that we can uncover where it will go and what we will face in the future. So we actually jumped on Angular back in its version 1.x days and decided to go on this journey to 2.0 through those phases with it. Along the way we had opportunities to interact with the Angular team, build relationships and provide feedback on how we use the code base.

So this announcement, for us, was something we felt connected with. That made it extra sweet for us to be able to be there at the moment they announced it.

The Angular team took questions from the audience and everyone headed outside for food and drinks. Our team spent the next two hours getting questions answered from face-to-face time with members of the core Angular team and traded stories of the journey, of problems faced and of resolutions discovered with other developers there in attendance.

 Much like the screenwriting industry, networking plays a pivotal role in the software industry. For not only making future contacts and opening up doors, but also for sharing your passion and journey with others that find themselves walking the same path. We at SoCreate feel extremely fortunate to have the opportunity to network with others on both of these fronts and look forward to many more in the future.

So kudos to all the hard work the Angular team has gone through to get to this point and thank you for providing software that will ultimately help us create an amazing writing platform for all!

It's Really Day 50!

Summer Fitness Challenge - Day 50

Today is day 50 of the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge!  This marks the halfway point for those that are still grinding it out.  Like I mentioned in a previous blog, I’ve done many fitness challenges over the years and I must say, this one is a bit more grueling than the rest.  It will be a true test to make it to the end.  Only 50 more days to go.

Today, I’d like to congratulate everyone that stepped up to the challenge even if they are no longer in the running.  To step up to a challenge like this, to put yourself out there, to commit to the unknown, takes courage.  Just to say, “Yes!  I will give this a shot!” in itself is an accomplishment.    The goal of the challenge is to get people moving and possibly pushing themselves in ways they hadn’t before.  At SoCreate over two thirds of our team are still cranking it out each and every day.  The fact that we are in vacation season and people aren’t giving up even when they are away from the office is totally awesome.  This level of commitment ensures that the mission of the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge is landing nothing but gold medals.   I know this challenge is pushing me in new ways and I am really loving it.  Each morning as the sweat drips off my face and I begin to question whether or not I will make it to day 100, I think of all you and I somehow get through it.  Checking off another workout fuels my drive and gets me motivated for the day ahead.  I am starting to feel like I am getting in better shape and I’ve even lost 5lbs.  As the days roll on and the intensity increases, I am sure this trend will continue which I am excited about.

If you would like to see what the workout we are doing today looks like click here:
SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge 2016 Workout

Only 50 days left!  Let’s keep it going!  Give us a shout out if you are still in it using the hashtag #SoCreateSFC.  We love hearing from you all.

Thanks again for stepping up!  I can’t wait to cross the finish line with you!

SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge 2016 – Day 1

Summer Fitness Challenge – Day 1

Today is day 1 of the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge.  I have completed my workout and I feel great.  Lots of people have pledged to give it their best and we are thrilled by the excitement they are bringing to our first annual fitness event. Over the past few days, I’ve had several people reach out and ask me how they could share their commitment and to let us know they are still in it as the days march on.  I gave it some thought and wanted to make it as easy as possible.  So, every day after you crush your workout, you can post on our facebook page ( or by tweeting us on twitter using @SoCreate.  Please include the hashtag #SoCreateSFC each time you post.  We are looking forward to seeing how great you all do and to reading your inspiring posts.

To kick things off, I thought I’d share my fitness profile along with my workout partner Rosa Couto’s.  Rosa is my wife and the SoCreate CFO.  Rosa was the inspiration for inviting all of our teams’ spouses to join in on the fun.  It is nice to be able to lean on Rosa for motivation when things get tough.  As soon as she hits the floor to start her workout, I jump right in as well.  The last thing I want is my daily workout hanging over my head when she is already done.  Her drive fuels my drive.  Having support at home always makes sticking with a workout easier.  If you can’t convince a significant other, ask your child, your brother or sister, or your parents to join you.  It can make all the difference.

Today, for her 60 second pushup test, Rosa did 9 pushups.  She did these by dropping all the way down until her chest touched the floor and then pushing up to full elbow extension.  Doing a full range pushup can be tough, but it is the proper way to do it.  Try to make sure you do full range pushups when you do your test and daily exercises.  If you can’t do a full range pushup, that is okay.  Starting out like this is not a problem.  If this is the case, for your workouts, do pushups off your knees and over time start trying to add full range pushups.  At some point you will be able to do one.  Then do as many as you can and switch to your knees when you can’t do anymore full range pushups.  Rosa also weighed in today at 122 pounds today. (Don’t worry, I asked her before I shared this :-)).

In my pushup test I was able to squeeze out 45 in one minute.  It was tough, but I have a lot of people in the office gunning for me.  I am going to have to give it all I got to limit the number of $500 rewards I shell out.  This is going to keep me very motivated during this challenge :-p.  I weighed in at 184 pounds.

Everyone at SoCreate is thrilled with the response we have received to this challenge.  It is exciting to be working on improving our health as we build an amazing new way to do screenwriting.

Good Luck!
- Justin Couto Founder & CEO

Up for a Throw Down?

Join us in the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge!

Challenge Starts on June 27, 2016

It’s Summer Time and the SoTeam is working hard and gearing up for a new summer tradition we are going to call the “SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge”. We’re pulling out all of the stops, upping the ante, and offering some decent rewards to those team members that step up, keep up, and crush it.

Pushing My Team

As CEO, I believe it is my job to push my team members to be the very best they can be. If there’s a way I can help them create positive changes in their life, I want to do everything I can to facilitate that. I want to encourage them to set goals and conquer things that may seem out of reach. I want to be a positive voice of encouragement that pushes them further then they have ever been. The SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge lines up perfectly with this pursuit and I am super thrilled to make it an annual event.

It's Tough To Be Fit

Personally I have worked out in one way or another for most of my life. Exercising makes me happy. With that being said, I am far from perfect when it comes to working out regularly. I get busy; I work long hours; I have children. Things get in the way. I’ll miss days here and there; I occasionally miss weeks; Sadly, I have even missed months. My level of fitness yo-yos. I typically go from being really fit to kind of fat and pudgy. During these off times, I know I suffer. I’m never as happy as I am when I’m working out. I feel more stress and it sucks. Exercising can be tough to commit to even when you love it the way I do. Life gets in the way and you find yourself not maintaining a healthy level of exercise.

Birth of a Fitness Challenge

A couple of years ago after an off again period, I wanted to get back in shape. While trying to come up with ways to motivate myself, I stumbled upon the idea of inspiring my friends and few coworkers to join me in a 100-day fitness challenge. I thought it would be fun and it would keep me motivated. The 1st year we did 100 days of Burpees and a few people joined in. It was tough, but most of us made it through. The next year we stepped up to 100 Days of Double Pushup Burpees. Even harder… much much harder and yet more people joined in. This year, I wanted to do it again in an even bigger way. I thought it would be great to challenge the whole Team at SoCreate and see who’d be willing to give it a shot. So last week during an all staff meeting, I introduced the idea and here is how it went:

The Challenge

I welcome you all to join me in the first annual SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge. This is totally optional and I only want you to sign up if you are inspired to be a part of it. The challenge can be done anywhere. You don’t need any special equipment or very much space. Anyone that wants to be a part of it already has everything they need to get started. I designed the workout using the Microsoft Health website which you can find it here:

SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge

There is a quick video clip next to each exercise that will show you how to do it. You should probably watch each one once before you begin the challenge on your first day.

Here is how it will work:

  • The challenge is 100 days straight without any rest days. Yep, this means you will be working out every day, even on weekends and holidays. This might seem tough, but I actually think doing it this way makes it easier to stick with. It will become habitual like brushing your teeth. You will just do it every day.
  • Before you begin the challenge, you will need to weigh yourself and record it. You also need to set a timer and see how many push ups you can do in 60 seconds. Please record this as well. These are two of the measuring points we will use to see how much you have improved once the challenge is over. You can keep this information completely confidential or for a little extra motivation, you can share with your team members.
  • Each day you do the entire warm up and cool down. This is to help prevent injuries and reduce soreness.
  • On day ONE, you will start with the warm up, followed by 1 Burpee, followed by 1 Lunge, followed by 1 Double Crunch, and finally followed by the cooldown. The lunge will be for only one leg. Don’t worry, you will attack the other leg on day two.
  • On day TWO you will start with the warm up, followed by 2 Burpees, then 2 Lunges, and finally 2 Double Crunches followed by the cooldown.
  • You will continue each day adding 1 additional repetition to each of the three exercises until you get to day 11
  • On day ELLEVEN you will start with the warm up, followed by your first circuit of 1 Set of 10 Burpees, followed by 1 Set of 10 Lunges alternating legs on each repetition, followed by 1 set of 10 Double Crunches. Next, you will start your second circuit of 1 Set of 1 Burpee, followed by 1 Set of 1 Lunge, followed by 1 set of 1 Double Crunch, followed by the cooldown.
  • You will continue adding 1 repetition to each exercise each day to the second circuit until you hit day 21 when that circuit will contain 1 set of 10 reps of each exercise. On this day you will add a third circuit of one set one of each exercise. You will continue this cycle until day 100 when you will be doing 10 circuits each with 1 set of 10 reps of each exercise.
  • Finally, on day ONE-HUNDRED, you will start with the warm up, followed 10 circuits containing 1 set of 10 reps of each exercise, followed by the cooldown.
  • Each day the workout on Microsoft Health website linked above will be updated to reflect the increase in reps that day. The website will be updated each day at 11:00 pm, so be sure to get your workout completed before then. Use the website to guide your workouts as it will make it really easy to follow along. If you have a Microsoft Band (Fitness Tracker), sync your band with this routine using the website above and follow the self-guided workout on your wrist.
  • If for some reason you are unable to complete a workout on any given day, don’t worry you are not automatically out of the running. All you have to do to remain in the challenge is complete the workout your missed, plus the current day’s work out all in that day. This will be very easy to do in the beginning, but it will become much more challenging as time goes on. My best advice is to do whatever you can not to miss a single day during the challenge. Its just easier that way.

The Rewards

To make the challenge interesting and to motivate as many of you as possible, I wanted the challenge to really deliver in rewards category for everyone that stepped up. Here are the rewards we created for all SoCreate Team Members that join the challenge:

Reward 1: Track Your Fitness
  • All team members that step up to the challenge will be given a free Microsoft Band (fitness tracker) that can be used to guide you through your workouts. Since people are more likely to succeed if they have support at home, we are also offering to provide free Microsoft Bands to your significant others if they also commit to stepping up to the challenge.
Reward 2: Crush the Challenge
  • All team members that complete the challenge will get $250
Reward 3: Cheer On Your Other Half
  • All team members that have significant others that complete the challenge will get an additional $100
Reward 4: Drop Some LBs
  • All team members that lose 10% or more of their weight, will get an addition $250
Reward 5: Find Your Inner Hercules
  • All team members that increase their pushups in 60 seconds by 2 times will get $100
Reward 6: Beat Your CEO
  • All team members that beat the number of pushups I do in 60 seconds will get $500. I added this one in to really motivate myself
Reward 7: The Ultimate Reward
  • The biggest reward of all is that you will be healthier and stronger. If you do this, I know you will be shocked and amazed by the results you get.

The Team Rises to the Challenge

To my surprise, every person in our office has stepped up to give the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge a go. I never expected this kind of a response and was quite shocked when everyone said they were in. Our team is made up of people of all fitness levels. We have some that work out religiously, we have others that workout when they can, and we also have people that don’t really workout at all. Yet, each and every one of them has committed to giving it their best.

Join the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge!

My Teams commitment to this challenge has inspired me. It got me thinking that we should share this and invite our writer community, our friends, and our families to join us on our 100-day journey. Their will to push themselves, to challenge the unknown, to sign up for something that may be difficult might just bet the spark you looking for to help pull you out of your workout off time. Be inspired and join the SoCreate Summer Fitness Challenge. It all starts Monday June 27th, 2016. Please share your progress with us using the hashtag #SoCreateSFC. I wish you the best of luck!

  Good Luck!
- Justin Couto Founder & CEO

Sponsoring the 2016 San Luis Obispo International Film Festival

Justin Schwartzenberger

The San Luis Obispo International Film Festival (SLOIFF) had their 22nd annual event showcasing contemporary and classic film screenings as well as multiple events at a variety of venues along the Central Coast of California during a 6-day period of March 15th - 20th, 2016. This is a pretty special event for us, as it's a celebration of cinema held in our own backyard. We always planned on finding ways to support this event once we started our SoCreate journey. This year we were able to make that happen by becoming a Directors level sponsor.

The festival runs screenings of everything from cinema classics to cutting edge documentaries and premieres of independent films. The mission statement for the SLOIFF is a strong one:

To entertain, educate and inspire film-goers and filmmakers. Movies Matter!

We couldn't agree more! But for us, we take it one step further.

Writers of Movies Matter!

And when it comes to the independent film scene, the filmmakers and the writers are one in the same. So these filmmakers that bring their works to this festival and make themselves available and accessible...they're writers. And nothing gets us more excited than the opportunity to support writers!

Our team got a chance to experience the festival as well. We received a bunch of badges that we passed around the office for our team to use.

Justin Couto (@JustinCouto), Rosa Couto and I attended the opening night party tent event...

And later that night the three of us along with Amber Black (@blaaaat) watched a hands-down amazing performance by Markus Horn as he played his original piano score along side a screening of the 1922 classic Nosferatu.Justin and Rosa attended the profoundly inspiring Lives Well Lived documentary screened at The Fremont in downtown San Luis Obispo, California.

And SoCreate revved up another company "movie day" to take everyone to see Code: Debugging the Gender Gap, a relevant documentary on the state of the gender imbalance of women in the tech industry.

I relished in the opportunity to take my daughter to a session on "Action for Directors" by Ryan Gray (@UrbanWarrior_1), where we sat in the front row and learned in vast detail the ways to shoot action scenes and bring them to life with Foley and visual effects.

Mixed in with all of this, we got the opportunity to craft a teaser trailer for our company that was played on the big screen before each film screening across the Central Coast. And when we saw our logo bust out of the screen, it was pretty special. Next up, having our platform bust onto the scene, because...

Writers of Movies Matter!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist

The SoCreate 2016 Oscars Challenge

The SoTeam was back at it again this year with it's annual SoCreate Oscars Challenge, with everyone vying for a shot at taking home The Couto and a cool $250. And after last year's contest that saw the team hitting the Internet to help aid in their picks, the rules this year eliminated that from the mix. Instead, everyone was hit with a surprise meeting, handed a ballot, and asked to fill it out in our conference room with phones tucked away and laptops left in offices. But to offset this potentially "harsh" rule change, the company treated the entire team to a run of "movie days" to see all of the Best Picture nominees for the 88th Academy Awards. Needless to say, everyone was good with this deal!

And The Couto Goes To…

 This year we crowned a new winner, but it took a "director's cut" to do so. We had a tie between Rich McCluskey (@rich_code) and Justin Schwartzenberger (@schwarty), both with a score of 11. So, we had to go to the extended edition of the Oscars Challenge to determine a winner. Armed with some randomly selected online movie quiz site, we fired three questions at both. Don Schwarty won that...but...the questions seemed kind of weak. So, we did another round. Don Schwarty found a way to win that one as well, and he was eventually crowned the Oscars Challenge victor.

The Scorecard

On to Next Year

With our second annual SoCreate Oscars Challenge in the can, the team is looking forward to next year. But it's hard to say, are they waiting in anticipation for the thrill of the competition or are they eager to hit the theaters again as a team and see a run of great films? Probably a "popcorn" handful of both!

To the Oscars!

Justin Couto
Founder & CEO

The SoCreate Team Hits the Theaters to Catch the 2016 Oscars Best Picture Nominees

Justin Schwartzenberger

Every so often, we here at SoCreate have a company "movie day". The whole team heads out of the office early one afternoon and hits up a local theater to catch a flick. This happens at various times throughout the year, usually once a month...until Oscar season hits its stride. That's when things get serious around here.

You see, we run this annual contest, The SoCreate Oscars Challenge. And to get ready for that this year, we decided to leverage our "movie day" to make a run at seeing all of the 2016 best picture nominees. Of the eight pictures, we were able to see seven of them as a team.

The one exception being Mad Max: Fury Road which came out prior to our Oscar run. However, most of the team had already seen it because, was epic and needed to be seen.

The great thing about our journey to see all these amazing pictures was it took us to some cool theaters here on the Central Coast of California.

We sat on the edge of our seats in suspense for Bridge of Spies at the single screen Fair Oaks Theatre in Arroyo Grande. We sailed back in time for Brooklyn at the historic Palm Theatre in San Luis Obispo. The Big Short had us laughing and thinking and Spotlight had us captivated as we sat in full-on leather recliners at the recently renovated Downtown Centre 7 in San Luis Obispo. We rationed our popcorn during The Martin and found ways to tough it out through the freezing cold (air conditioning) during The Revenant as we watched two gripping tales of survival at Regal Cinemas in Arroyo Grande. And we shed tears over Room at Park Cinemas in downtown Paso Robles.

Not only were these all great works of cinema, the writing was amazing. The characters and their stories, the running conflict and suspense that beat through every scene, the rewarding endings. They had it all. It's so cool that all of these great stories can be told through this medium and the power that a screenplay can carry. So kudos to not only the writers of these pictures, but writers of all screenplays, that share their stories with us and take us on these journeys!

Keep writing and we'll keep watching (and reading)!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist


Sponsoring the Fall 2015 Writer's Assistant Mixer in Los Angeles

Justin Schwartzenberger

Around 300 writer's assistants gathered in Los Angeles at the Bugatta Supper Club on November 10th, 2015 for the Fall Writer's Assistant Mixer, sponsored by SoCreate. This marks the third time this year that SoCreate had the opportunity to help out a hard working writer who is not only putting in time to make their own career take off, but also contributing graciously to assisting others on the same journey.

Brandon Tanori, who currently works as a Writers PA on the television series Elementary, puts on a Writer's Assistant Mixer biannually down in Los Angeles, California. This event is exclusive to writer's assistants, providing them with an evening of networking with their peers over drinks in a socially relaxed setting. Hosted at Bugatta, writers roll (or Uber) in, slap on a name tag that has the show they work on, grab a drink and get right to talking with others.

In case you haven't heard, the writing game in Hollywood is all about who you know and who remembers you. So Brandon set out to provide a way to forge these relationships early on for new writers, and as writers get to know somebody then all the members in the group will end up knowing somebody who knows somebody. Brilliant! And, of course, it doesn't take much to sweet talk us into helping out writers in their plight to make it. So when we connected with Brandon and got the opportunity to provide support in his mission, we jumped into action.

For the second time this year, SoCreate sponsored the mixer. We covered the venue and provided an open bar for the first few hours of the event. Oh, and there were banners appropriately positioned...

It's pretty amazing to be at this mixer and see how great these up and coming writers are at networking and talking shop. They waste no time at all going up to one another and striking up a conversation over what shows they work on, what they are writing on the side and where they would like to take their writing careers. We were fortunate enough to be able to chat with a ton of writers and hear some great personal journey stories and learn of various different goals they have laid out for themselves. Their passion for what they do and their drive to share the stories in their head are huge motivations to our mission for providing the best possible software solution to help get them there.

During this last mixer, Brandon announced the Writer's Assistants Group, a new selective workshop group for writer's assistants that operates in partnership with agencies, management companies, and other entities which are interested in cultivating new literary talent. It's no surprise that Brandon is embarking upon yet another venture to help out fellow writers, something that seems to be baked into his DNA! We couldn't be happier about our relationship with Brandon and greatly enjoy helping him in his cause.

 So, cheers to this enthusiastic group of creators that is out there moving and shaking to make things happen. We look forward to raising a glass at the mixer again next year to salute Brandon for his dedication and support and to salute everyone on their future success.

Write on!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist

Sponsoring the Central Coast Writer's Conference

Justin Schwartzenberger

What a special opportunity we were presented with. The chance to help support writers here in our backyard. The Central Coast Writer's Conference had their 31st annual event on September 18th - 20th, 2015, with boot camps and workshops and keynotes held on the Cuesta College campus in San Luis Obispo. We here at SoCreate were honored to be able to become the first ever Platinum Level Sponsor of the event! What had us so excited? Well, it had to be the fact that:

As a sponsor we had the opportunity to do a little brand promotion at the event...and, since we like to "go big" on everything we do, we "brought it" for sure. But we used our branding powers for good, and leveraged our banners and flags to help build a path and provide identification to where sessions were held on the campus. Many a writer let us know how much it helped them stay on track and on time, so "win-win"! We also had our company premiere of our Red Carpet experience.



Writers were encouraged to strut their stuff on the red carpet and have their photo snapped (or do a selfie) and share it with the hashtag #CCWC2015. Be on the lookout for our Red Carpet experience at future SoCreate events!

Friday, day one, kicked off with five hours of boot camp sessions for both the beginner and advanced writer. Topics ranged from writing groups, building worlds, how to deal with a publisher, writing with a partner and more. Presenters consisted of great local and out of town writers that delivered engaging and relevant content for all the aspiring and hard at work writers in the audience. One of the stand out sessions was The New Writer's Journey put on by Dr. Kelly Moreno, who took us on a compelling journey through trials and tribulations in his personal life over the course of several years that elegantly revealed how he worked his story into a final draft and got it to publication.

The day was capped off by the Keynote/Idea Symposium. Winners of the 26th annual Golden Quill Awards writing contest were announced and awards were handed out on stage. Our founder and CEO Justin Couto was ushered up on stage as well and delivered a heart-felt appreciation for our opportunity to support writers and shared some insight with the crowd about how the beginning of our journey actually took place there on the Cuesta College campus many moons ago! Local author Wendelin Van Draanen was awarded the Lillian Dean award and was extremely moved by the honor. She delivered a memorable quote:

Put hope in the mail

— Wendelin Van Draanen

encouraging us to continue to aspire and to never stop pushing our vision out there. Then we were treated to an outstanding panel discussion on The Crafting of a Masterpiece from Concept to Classic moderated by Wendy Thies Sell and featuring the start-studded cast of:

Their discussion had us on the edge of our seats and left us feeling like we finally got that chance to be "the fly on the wall" in the room with some very accomplished writers. The day concluded with Karl Iglesias giving a killer keynote on The Power of Story which revealed some fascinating insights on how we experience stories at the brain level, providing writers with a ton of "takeaways" to help them hook an audience on an emotional level.

Saturday, day two, was all about workshops. From 9:00am to 4:00pm writers cruised around (both on foot and on golf cart) to different rooms on the campus, attending talks on a wide variety of topics, gaining all kinds of knowledge and inspiration and networking with other writers. Meanwhile, back at the SoCreate office, we had a chance to share bits of our vision with a couple of screenwriting pros...and while those meetings will remain "hush-hush" for now, we can say that the excitement level of what's to come is rapidly increasing by all involved! The second day was capped off with a closing talk by Rob Edwards, who had us in stitches as he took us through the Hollywood experience of a screenwriter and left us inspired to have fun, embrace our passion, and always remain grateful!

We talked with many writers throughout the event, and while we enjoyed all the positive feedback and excitement we received about our brand and our sponsorship assistance, the most rewarding aspect of it for us was the opportunity to be a part of such an inspiring environment and supportive community for those that we champion the most...

We Love Writers!

Justin Schwartzenberger
Lead Engineer & Strategist